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Got him.


Phillies fans and Mets fans celebrating the death of bin Laden together at Citizens Bank Park.
In the wake of the tragic events in Tuscon earlier today, it's our responsibility as Americans to take this wake-up call to dial back on the hateful rhetoric that has poisoned this country, stop speaking of "enemies" in reference to "political opponents" and remember that we are one country, one people.

Let's focus on what brings us together as Americans and not what tears us apart.

Well played, Ruben. WELL PLAYED.

Roy Halladay.

Cliff Lee.

Cole Hamels.

Roy Oswalt.

(some other guy)


Sixty days till pitchers and catchers!


In what's already been a Cy Young season with 21 wins, a perfect game, and top numbers, Roy Halladay just had to outdo himself.

In his very first playoff game in his major league career, Doc Halladay pitched a near-perfect no-hit nine-inning shutout in Game 1 of the NLDS.

I've been saying since the dog days of July (a low point, at just two games over .500 and half our starters logging significant time on the DL), that this season has potential for a fairy tale ending. We're living it now.

10 wins to go until the parade!

Quick Fly-By

September is, once again, owned by my baseball team (and people like my buddy Andy and I, who were born in this great month).

Has anyone here seen that new show Outlaw? It's not a terribly good show. Been there, done that, and I'm not crazy about the early tendencies. But it's a pretty good cast, led by Jimmy Smits. Carly Pope did what she could with a pretty bad character and it's always nice to see Jesse Bradford, who was criminally underused and misused in The West Wing, in a new show.

Being said, a show that does have potential and a good cast, but barely believable writing? I'm thinking it's gone in the next few weeks/months, which is a shame.

... but I don't see the Canadians drowning in Lake Superior in their haste to illegally enter the United States.

Writer's Block: Mind reader

In three words, describe what's currently running through your mind.

The Flyers WON?!
... because I am hopelessly, shamefully misinformed.

Apparently, being a judge in any kind of court is NOT a prerequisite to become a Supreme Court justice.

I am honestly confused. Not being sarcastic or ironic in any way. Besides, I like the Solicitor General. Specter voted against her back while he was switching parties to keep his job, so I like her even more. But she's not a judge.

The Ageless Wonder

Oh, Jamie Moyer, how I love you.

At forty years old, pitching a complete game shut-out with only two hits is a feat in and of itself.

At forty-seven, it's all but unheard of.

Until tonight, the record was forty-six.

I'm optimistic enough about my Phillies that I'm hoping this game won't meet the top twenty games of the season, but if it does, Moyer deserves it. After an off-season of plenty of fans praying the Phillies would simply buy out the last year of his contract, the Ageless Wonder proves that as long as the umpires don't dick him over, he is still the Ageless Wonder.

Thank you, my baseball fake husband, for being forty-seven and pitching like you're twenty-five!

Cole Hamels, you have been put on notice. If Moyer can pitch a complete game, so can you.

Writer's Block: Tolerance 101?

If you could create/select a new subject that had to be taught in high school, what would it be, and why?

In the Philadelphia school district? 

A remedial course in which the students learn everything they were supposed to be learning from the grade school teachers who were forced to spend ninety percent of their time doing the job of a parent (disciplining) than the job they're actually paid to (and want to) do.


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